Hair Products Q&A

Which hair wax is best suited for a natural look with low shine?

Our matte wax is perfect for a dry matte finish still giving a strong hold. This product has grape seed oil, coconut oil and soybean extract. 

I find it hard to use a sticky wax in my hair do you have something else easier to use?

Yes our hydrating styling cream is easy to apply as its a cream texture not a wax with a light to medium hold. This is one of our most popular hair products with also women using this product. If you are experiencing dry scalp or hair this product has coconut milk which assists in nourishing and moisturising the hair.

I am after a hair wax that will give me a shine finish and I am needing a medium to strong hold as my hair is quite thick?

We would recommend our Styling wax which gives you a gloss shine finish and a medium to strong hold perfect for thicker hair. 

Which hair wax would give a very shiny look with a super strong hold?
Deluxe pomade is a gel like texture which gives the hair a great strong hold and a glossy shiny finish. It also contains orange oil which is high in antioxidants which assist in dryness of the scalp & hair while also nourishing the hair.
Organic for men hair waxes all include our main ingredients of coconut oil, grape seed oil & soybean extract as well as organic essential oils that will assist in nourishing and moisturising your hair & scalp. Our Hair waxes are easy to apply to the hair and washes out of the hair easily without built up of hair wax in the hair. Being a natural hair wax you don’t need to use much when styling the hair which is great for the longevity of the product. The one hair wax if used daily can last up to many months, this is why our customers love using our organic for men hair wax.